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The Indianapolis Project SEED Committee welcomes you.  The website is created to be an information center to our high school summer research interns and applicants, in addition to the interested public and supporters.  This website will undergo significant changes this year, so please stay posted!  For further information and updates, please write us at

Information for the 2011 Summer Program will be posted on February 1 on this website!

Project SEED Poster Session

SEED student Kyle Torain with his preceptor, Dr. Joseph Bidwell, and Dr. Jim McAteer

Students interested in participating in the 2011 Summer Research Program will be able to apply on this website starting February 1.  The date's for the 8 week internship are from June 6 to July 29, 2011.  There will be an important student and parent information meeting on March 15 at  IUPUI.  For further information, you may contact the program's coordinator, Elmer Sanders by email at

About Project SEED

On October 14 the students from the Indianapolis Project SEED were presented the ChemLuminary Award that the program was honored with at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston on August 24.  The award was formally presented to the Indianapolis students by Dr. Jeannie Phillips, Chair of the Indiana Section of the ACS,  at the 12th Annual Poster Session and Dinner Program at Butler University.  The president of the national ACS, Purdue Professor Dr. Joe Francisco was the keynote speaker that night and the 2010 Summer Research Interns also presented their research. 

The 2010 Project SEED summer research program for high school students concluded  with the public Poster Session and Closing Ceremony on  July 29 from 4:30-7:30 pm at the Van Nuys Medical Sciences building of the I U School of Medicine on the IUPUI Campus.  CLICK here for 2010 Program Details and complete roster of student interns

Project SEED was established in 1968 by the American Chemical Society as a means to provide students the opportunity to explore a career in science.  SEED is an acronym for: Summer Experience for the Economically Disadvantaged  and for over 30 years now, the Indiana Section of the ACS has been actively involved in providing rewarding summer research experiences to qualified Indianapolis-area high school students.  Many local professors and industrial scientists voluntarily open their research labs to local high school students in order to expose them to the scientific research experience.

Students are accepted into the program based on their high school grade transcripts (one year of chemistry is mandatory), written essays, and teacher recommendations.  Those who meet the income guidelines of the A.C.S. National SEED Committee are provided a stipend during the summer; $2,800 for Summer I or $3,300 for returning Summer II participants.  In Indianapolis, other qualified students who do not meet the economic requirements are accepted into our local program (the Indiana A. C. S. Summer Research Program) and can receive a small honorarium in appreciation of their research contributions.

We welcome your support!

Project SEED  cannot operate without the generosity from individuals and companies that support these young scientists-in-training.  Are you able to financially support the program?   You can find more information by clicking the Donate tab at the top of this page.   There are also many ways in which you can volunteer your time to help this program.  Each year, Committee volunteers and local scientists and their lab colleagues who do not receive any monetary support from Project SEED volunteer countless hours to provide this amazing educational experience to our young scientists-in-training.  

Thank you sponsors!

Our program is successful because of the sacrifices and gifts of so many.  We specifically would like to recognize the long standing support that Eli Lilly & Co., Dow Agro Sciences and Mays Chemical has given to this educational outreach by the Indiana Section of the American Chemical Society over the years, and the generous contributions of their membership professionals.

The Indianapolis Project SEED is now able to double the number of student interns because of the financial support from the the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI)  - info at  The research consortium under the leadership of Dr. Anantha Shekhar (M.D.) is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and supports many scientific research efforts across the state of Indiana.  The institute's Director of Finance, Lisa Dinsmore has also joined the advisory Project SEED Committee .  Their support for Project SEED is in collaboration with other K-12 education outreach efforts with Dr. Kim Nguyen, Director of UCASE Operations at the IUPUI School of Education who also serves on the Committee.

As Project SEED hopes to engage local science industries and companies in K-12 education,  we want to recognize the contributions of Jeffrey White, Chief Science Officer at Polaris Laboratories for supporting the program not only financially but in  mentoring students in the 2009 summer program. 

Supporting our efforts again is the American Institute of Toxicology, AIT - whose entire staff have been supportive of our program.  AIT founder and CEO, Dr. Michael Evans also joined our board of advisors, the Project SEED Committee.   Their work with Project SEED was featured at the 2010 Indiana Science Summit co-sponsored by Dr. John Lechleiter, CEO of Eli Lilly & Co.  and Dr. Tony Bennett,  Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction.  The program featured Michael Ashmore,  Seed intern for the summer 2008 and 2009 programs,  and his mentors at AIT, Joanna Askwith and Tim Dahn, in addition to Dr. Evans.

We are thankful to Dean Bart Ng and the entire faculty of the IUPUI School of Science who partner with the Indiana Section of the American Chemical Society in providing a geographical and an administrative support center for Project SEED.  In addition to their financial support and the volunteer mentorship of so many of their research professors, they also help with the administration of a scholarship for students who have participated in this outstanding research program.   Dr. Jeffrey Watt, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Outreach, along with Dr. Kathy Marrs, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs provide grant support for the program.  AnneMarie Chastain, Executive Director of Development and External Affairs, coordinates with the IU Foundation to facilitate donations to the Indianapolis Project SEED Fund (click here) .  Tamekia Anderson from the Office of the Dean every year provides administrative support to not only to the students in the summer research program but also to those who continue their studies at IUPUI.   

Lastly, our program is forever grateful to the leadership of Dr. Jim McAteer and Dr. Rosanne 'Rosie' Bonjouklian who have each served the program 30 years and counting. Dr. McAteer, Professor of Anatomy at the School of Medicine recruits, trains, and coordinates the contribution of our talented research professionals who volunteer their time in mentoring the students we serve. Dr. Bonjouklian, hosted students in her research lab before she retired as a Medicinal Chemist from Eli Lilly & Co.  She has had a life long distinguished career of public service - from her early days in Africa with the Peace Corps, to serving Project SEED in many capacities over the years.  Most significantly she established the Project SEED Scholarship with the IUPUI School of Science, enabling our program to serve students beyond their summer research experience into their college education and professional training.

And to the many research scientists from the School of Medicine and other IUPUI Schools,  to the many others not mentioned by name - but whose contributions nonetheless are indispensable to the success of our program - we say, Thank YOU!

More Info

For more information, please visit the Project SEED information page at the ACS website For a comprehensive national evaluation of 30 years of Project SEED,  please  click here for the Summer 1 program study and the Summer 2 program study  You can be sure this program does have a very positive influence on these young people.