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Students who go through the SEED program often receive media coverage for their future accomplishments.   Here is a selection of some of the alumni's accomplishments:

2009 Summer Intern Roster

Douglas Sprowl: Douglas was recently awarded the  Abe Lincoln - Kiwanis Scholarship Award Recipient (3rd place).  Click to read article posted at IndyStar.COM

Douglas is featured on the first picture of the photo gallery from the Indianapolis Star.

Abe Lincoln Scholarship Awards - More The Indianapolis Star Galleries
View this gallery at The Indianapolis Star: Abe Lincoln Scholarship Awards


Angela Ma:         Angela became a 2010 Intel Science Talent Search Regional Finalist



                            Download the 2010 Semifinalist Booklet (includes project titles and listing by State) 


                            Angela also became a 2009 Siemens Competition Math, Science & Technology Regional Finalist




                            click to view the 2009 Siemens Competition Regional Finalist announcement.




Jenaya Hooks:     Jenaya won the First Place award at the Biotechnology Conference sponsored by Eli Lilly & Co.

                            The prize came with a $1000 monetary award  ( )

                            She was received an Acknowledgement for her abstract submission to the Association of Minority

                            Health Professions Schools, Inc - AMHPS.  Click for conference program, page 17

                            Jenaya is also quoted on this article from the Indy Star (Click to view)


Scott Maitland:    Scot won a First Place award at the 2009 annual IUSM and Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute Scientific Poster Session.

                            (IUSM= Indiana University School of Medicine).


2008 Summer Intern Roster

William Sprowl:   William  was listed as a co-author collaborator in research project his lab team did with Dr. Christoph Naumann at

                            the IUPUI School of Science.  His research, Tuning Cellular Mechano-Response Using Biomembrane-Mimicking

                            is hosted at the The NASA Astrophysics Data System through Harvard University -

                            Click to view article abstract  *his name appears in his original Brazilian name of 'Guilherme Sprowl'


                            His research findings were presented at the Biophysical Society 53RD Annual Meeting *click to view program, page 109

                            in Boston on March 3, 2009


                            NASA Most Outstanding Intern.  In the Summer of 2009 William participated in NASA'S Glenn Research Center in Cleveland,

                            earning the Most Outstanding Intern award at the end of the summer.



                           Conference Panelist:  William was a panelist at the University of Indianapolis conference on Better Schools, November 16, 2009




David Yang:        David is now at Harvard University, Class of 2013.  In 2009 he became a Siemens Science Regional Finalist, team category



                            or Siemens State Winners


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