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Students who go through the SEED program often receive media coverage for their future accomplishments.   Here is a selection of some of the alumni's accomplishments:

2006 News

We're pleased to report that our first two Indy Project SEED I.U.P.U.I. 4-year Scholarship award winners, Dave Drennan and Neil Jain, graduated in 2005.  Dave received a B.S. degree in Chemistry and is continuing towards his Masters degree.  Neil received a B.S. degree in Biology / Pre-Med and is now attending the I.U. School of Optometry.

In addition, Chad Zarse received his two B.S. degrees (Applied Biology and Biomedical Engineering) from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology in 2005 and has started his second year of Med School at I.U. - Fort Wayne campus.  During his college summers and up to now he has continued his Project SEED research work in kidney lithotripsy with Professor James McAteer at the I.U. Med School - main Indy campus.

2005 News

On July 15, 2005, Professor Subah Packer, Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology at the Indiana University School of Medicine, hosted a 10-year reunion of her current and former Project SEED students.  Seven former students attended and shared their science with the lab members with whom they spent their summers. 

Picture from left to right: Corey Harris ('02), Justin Long ('01), Cindy Gil ('04, '05), Richa Sharma ('02, '03), Professor Subah Packer, Tracey Braun ('95, '96), Erika Huver Snodderley ('97), Jonathon Braun ('00, '01).

Below is a breakdown of what they're doing now:

Tracey Braun ('95, '96) Working for Abbott Labs in Chicago as a manufacturing quality specialist have received her B.S. from Purdue
Jonathon Braun ('00, '01) Finishing up his aeronautical engineering degree at Purdue
Erika Huver Snodderley ('97) Working as a biochemist at Dow AgroSciences after receiving her B.S. from Purdue
Justin Long ('01) Having completed a double B.S. in chemistry and biology from Indiana University, he's entering the MD/PhD program at the Indiana University Medical School
Corey Harris ('02) Completing his B.S. in chemistry at I.U.P.U.I
Richa Sharma ('02, '03) Will be attending Indiana University this fall as a biology major
Cindy Gil ('04, '05) Will be attending Butler University this fall as a biology major

Unable to attend, but sending their cheers:

Katherine Gehlhausen ('99) University of Michigan
Deepika Jha ('00) BS Engineering from I.U.P.U.I. and now newly employed in Chicago
Sabrina Lahey ('01) US Air Force Technical College