Photo Gallery

2003 Project SEED Participants at the end of the summer poster session.

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Cyst Volume Density on Balb-c/cpk Mice Treated with PKD/c-myc Oligonucleotides

SEED Student: Jessica McElwain, Northwest H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. V. Gattone, IU School of Medicine

A Study of b-Hydroxyacid Dehydrogenases in Plants

SEED Student: Jonathan McKenzie, Brebeuf H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. John Hawes, IU School of Medicine

Morphometrical Variations Among Mice

SEED Student: Kristen Valentine, Arsenal Tech H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Eric Everett, IU School of Dentistry

Changes in Intracellular Signaling in a Cell Culture Model of Brain Inflammation

SEED Student: Geraldine Dominguez, Aresenal Tech H.S. (left) with SEED Summer Coordinator, Debbie Dickerson (right)

Preceptor: Dr. Marcelle Bergeron, Neurosciences, Eli Lilly

Early Cardiac Hypertrophy in Male Rats with Pulmonary Hypertension

SEED Student: Janet Wheeler, Warren Central H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. P. Vijay, IU School of Medicine

Age-Related Redistribution of Bone in the Femoral Neck of Postmenopausal Women at Risk of Hip Fracture

SEED Student: Mike A. Douglas, Jr., Aresenal Tech H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. David Burr, IU School of Medicine

Cellular Localization and Enzymatic Properties of hsNMNAT-2in Human Myelogenome Leukemia KS2Cells

SEED Student: Ming Zhang, Franklin Central H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. H. Jayaram & Dr. Y. Zhang, IU School of Medicine

In Vivo Effects of DMSO on the Physiological Properties of Mammalian Bladder

SEED Student: Richa Sharm, Warren Central H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Subah Packer, IU School of Medicine

Stone Shattering Cinematography

SEED Student: Pauline Khumalo, Arsenal Tech H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Jim Williams, I.U. Medical School

Rapid Synthesis and Purification of Compounds using Solid-supported Reagents

SEED Student: Tanya Van Skyock, Warren Central H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Kevin Gardinier, Discovery Chemistry, Eli Lilly & Co.