Photo Gallery

2004 Project SEED Participants at the end of the summer poster session.

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Optical Spectroscopy of Quantum Dots

SEED Student: Brittany Dale, Arlington H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. R. Decca, IUPUI Physics Dept.

Climate from Sediment

SEED Student: Brittany Jordan, Arlington H.S.

Preceptors: Dr. K. Licht & J. Sembach, IUPUI Geology Dept.

Does A Defect in Heat Shock Protein 20 Play a Causative Role in Hypertension?

SEED Student: Cindy Gill, Pike H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. C. Subah Packer, IU School of Medicine

Analysis of the Folic Acid Biosynthesis Pathway in Saccharromyces Cerviasiae Through Gene Deletion Analysis

SEED Student: James Meyers, Warren Central H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Mark Goebl, IU School of Medicine

The Role of Adrenomedulin in Chonodrosarcoma Cell Line

SEED Student: Janet Wheeler, Warren Central H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Palaniswamy Vijay, IU School of Medicine

Breakage of Kidney Stones by Shock Wave Lithotripsy: Comparison of Two Types of Model Stones used in Lithotripsy Research

SEED Student: Mike Douglas, Arsenal Tech H.S.

Preceptors: Dr. Jim McAteer and Dr. James Williams, IU School of Medicine

Carbon Nitrogen Bond Formation in Organic Synthesis

SEED Student: Michael Thompson, Warren Central H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Jennifer Allen, Eli Lilly and Co.

Insight into Mechanism of Resistance to Tiazofurin, a New Anticancer Drug for Treatment of Leukemia

SEED Student: Sabrena Luny'e Suggs, Aresenal Tech H.S.

Preceptors: Hiremagular Jayaram and Dr. M. Pharm, IU School of Medicine

Volcanic Chemistry: Inside the Volcanoes

SEED Student: Terra Cotton, Northwest H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Andrew Barth, IUPUI Geology Dept.

The Effects of Hormones in Gene Regulation in Human Breast Cancer Cells

SEED Student: Tosha Davis, Warren Central H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Meei-Huey Jeng, IU School of Medicine

Multi-step Synthesis of Compounds for the Treatment of Arthritis

SEED Student: Tanya Van Skyock, Warren Central H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Kevin Gardinier, Eli Lilly and Co.