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2005 Project SEED Participants at the end of the summer poster session.

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Using Recombinant Human Dihydrofolate Reductase for Drug Development

SEED Student: Brandon Glaze, Washington H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Sherry Queener, IU School of Medicine

Breaking Kidney Stones with Shock Waves

SEED Student: Christina Adeola, Arlington H.S.

Preceptors: Dr. James Williams & Dr. Jim McAteer, IU School of Medicine

Altered Oxidized Low-Density-Lipoprotein Receptor (LOX1) Density in Arterial Muscle in a Rat Model of Metabolic Syndrome

SEED Student: Cindy Gil, Pike H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. C. Subah Packer, IU School of Medicine

Multi-Step Synthesis of Functionalized Esters

SEED Student: Erica Clanton, Manual H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Jeff McCowan, Eli Lilly & Company

Synthesis of a Compound To Be Used For Cancer Treatment

SEED Student: Gabrielle Lacy, Warren Central H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Kevin Fales, Eli Lilly & Company

Shock Wave Lithotripsy - The Effect of Shock Waves on the Kidney

SEED Student: Janette Salgado, Arlington H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Lynn Willis, IU School of Medicine

The Effect of E2 and 20 uM resveratol on E2F1-luciferase in MCF-7B Cell Line

SEED Student: Jasmin Hearn, Lawrence Central H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Meei-Huey Jing, IU School of Medicine

Expressional and Mutational Analysis of a New Mouse Nicotinamide 5'-monophosphate adenylyltransferase-2 (mmNMNAT-2)

SEED Student: Khuchtumur Bum-Erdene, Southport H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Hiremagalur Jayaram, IU School of Medicine/VA Medicine

The Study of What Controls the Velocity of Seismic Waves in the Earth's Crust

SEED Student: LaQueshia Curry, Northwest H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Andy Barth, IUPUI Department of Geology

L-amino Acids as Sole Nitrogen Sources for Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

SEED Student: Marina Touch, Arsenal H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Mark Goebl, IU School of Medicine

Autocrine/Paracrine Role of Adrenomedullin in Osteosarcoma Cell Line

SEED Student: Nimra Nayyar, Hamilton Southeastern H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Palaniswamy Vijay, IU School of Medicine

Bystander Killing Effect of the Prostate Specific Replication-Competent Adenovirus, Ad-IU-2

SEED Student: Pankita Pandya, Aresenal H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Chinghai Kao, IU School of Medicine