Photo Gallery

2006 Project SEED Participants at the end of the summer poster session.

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Development of Rod Outer Segment of the Eye in Rodent Meckel Gruber Syndrome

SEED Student: Marcus Adair, Aresenal Technical H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Vincent H. Gattone II, IU School of Medicine

Medicinal Chemistry: Tools of the Trade

SEED Student: Cornelius Audu, Warren Central H.S.

Preceptor: Mr. Leonard Winneroski, Eli Lilly & Company

Can we target therapy specifically to cancer cells?

SEED Student: Khuchtumur Bum-Erdene, Southport H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Hiremagalur Jayaram, I.U. School of Medicine & V.A. Medical Center

Light and Prostrate Cancer

SEED Student: Marie Flood, Aresenal Technical H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Chinghai Kao, I.U. School of Medicine

Immunodetection of nitric oxide synthase in mammalian kidney

SEED Student: Alyssa Osborne, Emmerich Manual H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Stephen A. Kempson, I.U. School of Medicine

Lithotripsy: Using Shock Waves to Break Kidney Stones

SEED Student: Leonardo Salinas, George Washington C.H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. James McAteer & Dr. James Williams, I.U. School of Medicine

Kidneys, Kidney Stones and Shock Wave Lithotripsy

SEED Student: Ahalya Skandarajah, Pike H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Lynn Willis & Dr. Rajash K. Handa, I.U. School of Medicine

Regulation of Bone Mass by Leptin

SEED Student: Angela Su, Pike H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Alex Robling, I.U. School of Medicine

Discovering Drug Targets in Pneumocystis

SEED Student: Tiffany Weaver, George Washington C.H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Sherry Queener, I.U. School of Medicine

Detrusor Muscle Contractility and Compliance in Diabetic Bladder Dysfunction

SEED Student: Ashia Wilson, Arsenal Technical H.S.

Preceptor: Dr. Subah Packer, I.U. School of Medicine