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2007 Project SEED Participants at the end of the summer poster session.

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Bunmi Akintomide - Northwest H.S. -. Class of 2008

Molecular Biology of Osteoporosis,


Dr. Joseph Bidwell, IU School of Medicine

Cornelius Audu - Warren Central H.S. - Class of 2007 - *SEED Year 2*

PET Imaging Compound Discovery


Dr. John Schaus, Eli Lilly & Company

Ciera Brown Southport H. S. Class of 2008

Forensic Science & Chemistry


Dr. Jay Siegel, IUPUI School of Science

Kevin Chu --- Carmel H. S. -- Class of 2008

Utilizing Robotics and Statistical Methods in the Design of Medchem Libraries


Dr. Jennifer Tinsley, Eli Lilly & Company

Carmanny Gonzales Arsenal Tech H. S. Class of 2008

Development of Cilia in Special Sense Organs (Olfactory and Ear) in Rodent Meckel Gruber syndrome


Dr. Vincent Gattone, II, IU School of Medicine

Barbara Harden G.Washington H.S. Class of 2008

Detrusor Muscle Contractility and Compliance in Diabetic Bladder Dysfunction


Dr. Subah Packer, IU School of Medicine

Richa Mandlewala Indiana Academy Class of 2008

Mechanisms of Impaired Collateral Development During Aging


Dr. Steven J. Miller, IU School of Medicine

Alyssa Osborn Emmerich Manual H.S. Class of 2008 SEED Year 2

Acute Regulation of the Betaine Transporter


Dr. Stephen Kempson, IU School of Medicine

Womba Siangonya Arsenal Tech H.S. Class of 2008

What Controls the Velocity of Seismic Waves in the Earth's Crust?


Dr. Andy Barth, IUPUI School of Science

Nancy Tan --- Carmel H.S.---Class of 2008

Folate Receptor-mediated Cancer Cell Targeting Using Folate-tethered Liposomes


Dr. Hiremagalur Jayaram, V.A. Medical Center

Kyle Torain ---Cathedral H.S. Class of 2009

Identifying Kidney Stone Composition Using Micro CT


Drs. James McAteer & James Williams, - IU School of Medicine